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It's a pity little Karl didn't máke some capital instead.
8th-Aug-2011 05:18 pm(no subject)
I'm stuck in that time between shopping and dinner and I've been writing people today. Sudden nostalgia at my journal. I do check my flist, every day, I just don't really use the journal itself anymore. Which is a shame, I suppose.

Things have been hectic. In February, talkjive came to visit me, and I've been proud to call her my girlfriend ever since. I visited her once where she lives in Florida, and she visited me just last week. Anyone who's got me on facebook might've seen the pictures :)

I finished my second year of university last month, not with the grades I wanted, not nearly, but at least I got 'em all in one go. I've decided to at least pursue a master's degree in antiquity, if not a career-- it's the one thing I can truly keep doing and am interested in outside of my courses too.

I started up working for the catering place again, and dropped that this week because of a regime change that cost me E3/hour before taxes and took away travel expense compensation. It was a massive disappointment, considering I had wanted to save up.

I was also concerned with getting a room for studying abroad for a long, long time-- that only got resolved 3 or so weeks ago. I got a room in a 2-person apartment, which will cost me more than I wanted but it's better than sleeping under a bridge. I got an Erasmus grant, anyway, so I can use that money for rent. I'm leaving for Lund, Sweden in 5 days, and introduction at the uni will start the 16th. Right now I'm pretty anxious about it because I had gotten such an easy, comfortable rhythm living in Utrecht, but a change will do me good. If anything, I'm excited to learn the language.

I've sort of fallen out of fandom actively, though I still read stuff for several fandoms and like to watch a lot of tv shows (stupid summer breaks amirite). I'd like to get back into them, but I have a feeling I'll be plenty busy soon.

so that's been me. What up with y'all?
31st-Dec-2010 07:42 pm(no subject)
Things of 2010 meme!Collapse )

Well that was a load of crap. Not the year, this post, haha. All in all, I had a good year. Stable with a few peaks. I've been content.
23rd-Dec-2010 12:26 am(no subject)
Well, talkjive will know how excited I am about this because I rave on about dinner parties all the time, but-- this year I'm going to take care of a large part of our christmas dinner. there'll be 8 of us, so a lot of hungry mouths. My mother is making a fish-pumpkin soup and some lamb or something because I'm cooking from a vegetarian cookbook, and mys ister will do dessert! I thought it might be fun to put up the thins I'll be making, I'll report back on how well it went o7

All these are from the fabulous vegetarian cooking book 'Vegeterranean' by Alberto Musacchio & Malu Simoes, painstakingly translated by me.

Crespelle FantasiaCollapse )

coxinhas encantadasCollapse )

Sformatini di ZucchineCollapse )

Cannoli di radicchio e pereCollapse )

Gateau di patateCollapse )

And, for fun, something I'm making on the 25th. This is sth I've made a few times and I know it's amazingly good.

Biscotto alla pannaCollapse )

ha ha my hands hurt
24th-Nov-2010 01:21 pm(no subject)
Got the idea from megkips! Pictures of my room, even though I've posted them before, and esp. what's on my wall. Because this is the place where I do everything but shower and cook there's a lot of stuff stuffed into it, haha.

Read more...Collapse )
15th-Nov-2010 08:08 pm(no subject)
today in my history of philosophy class I sat next to a dude I know only by face, who is so religious he doesn't believe in evolution. he smelled like sweat. a lot. and on the other side of him sat a girl i made out with once. behind me sat a dude who kinda looked like brian cox.

it was a weird class.

My neighbour needs to come home so I can pick up something that talkjive sent me urggghhh my curiosity is killing me
11th-Nov-2010 03:28 pm(no subject)
ofc i was too stupid to check when russian was given lol, in my defense i was pretty tired

so no russian, decided to go with a course on big personalities in history and a course on ancient archeology/numismatic etc. Lots of classics in there! We'll see. Both're level 2 that should be enjoyable at least.
10th-Nov-2010 09:39 pm(no subject)
I'm deciding on my courses for the last term this year; I chose 'Women write the future' for the 3rd one, along with foundations of history (compulsory course), which is gonna be tough since they're both level 3 and I'm just now getting used to level 2, but whatever. The 1st course is only gonna be given once, by a renowned expert in the field and it sounds super interesting so I'll try.

Only the 4th period súcks, choice-wise. So I'm considering takin Russian 1. It's level 1 but I think I'll be ready for a break after 3rd term, and I will take a level 2 course as well... I just don't know which one ugh they're all so boring WHO'S WHO IN THE BIBLE no thanks.
2nd-Nov-2010 11:37 am(no subject)
did a small f-cut, nothing personal, if you wanna be added back just ask me.

my arm isn't getting any better and it's incredibly annoying. today i'm gonna see if i can take next week's exam on a laptop instead of on paper. frustrated.

had dinner w/ my housemates yesterday it was fun. it's good to do that bonding stuff since it's so rare we're all home at the same time. may be going out tonight, we'll see.
30th-Oct-2010 06:37 pm(no subject)
prussia+tiny germany buhyoo
My nieces and nephew came over for a few days, a big sleepover! I wanted to post some pictures because they are super cute. So there.

pics!Collapse )
22nd-Oct-2010 09:18 pm(no subject)
Fucking hell i do my best all week not to do anything with my rightarm, i put off writing a paper and i'm bored out of my skull because i can't do work i have to do. then today i was forced to use my arm, lift stuff and cucle for like an hour and i tell my dad my arm hurts in the evening, when i'd been hoping it'd be considerably less today so i could STUDY and i get told

you should spend less time on the computer

omg thanks soooo much i have rsi symptomps i had like nooo idea that could help

cranky now
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