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So I suppose I had some leeway for making 3 posts in a row? That's mý excuse for not updating in ages, in any case.

The kitties are growing swiftly. They're really so very cute. Bowie's all protective-like, but not overly so, we can pet them and such. I decided they're called Itys, Skia and Minotaurus, but the last one is only until I get something better.

Pffft. My sister made pancakes *full*

J.! When're you coming over? If it's this week (before Friday) can you bring DMC3 with you? Else I'll come by Friday or something. (by the by, did you notice the music? Awesomesauce!)

Bah, my chest hurts. I dunno. Just...ouchu >:(

The Da Vinci Code was cool. I dunno why they're all boo on it (so this is not my eloquency day. Sue me), I thought it was nice. Especially Audrey Tautou *swoon*

In aaany case, I've got fics in the making! Great, great.
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