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Oh. Oh my. I have...the most awesome watch in the world. A pocket-watch, of course. It's beautiful, and heavy, and has Lenin on the front (*smirk* No, I'm not a communist, but it still rocks.), and it has little beautiful flower patterns on it, and gah! It's so beautiful!
Yeah, my dad came back from Italy and brought this with him *faint*

In other news, saw 2 movies yesterday. Went to the theatre with my mother and saw Tsotsi. Beautiful. The main character annoyed me at times because he seems to be so slow, but it made up for it. Lovely.

The other one had a slow main character, too. A.K.A. The back says 'forget the talented mr. Ripley, A.K.A. is the real deal!'. I suppose it's right, but I loved Mr. Ripley too.
But yeah, A.K.A. is rather similar to that one, only they really snog. But it looks way awkward *sniggers* Nice movie. Nice accents, too. Oh! And one of the characters was from America, and his accent didn't annoy me. It was actually kind of cute. He was so..innocent, but also not.

In any case, going to my brother's gig today. Good luck, sweety!
Also have Bowie-night today! I'm looking forward to it liek whoa.
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