mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Gods, I know.

I worked my bloody butt off, but it's finally done: the philosophy film analysis. I lost it twice, but I finally have it. Now I can only hope for a nice grade. (last one was 3.5 or so, so I can hardly do worse, eh? It lóóked nice, in any case)
Also just thought of the OSB thing. Bloody hell, why'd no one tell me I need 18 points instead of 10? I thought I was solid, but I wasn't *pout*

Saturday was awesome. My dad went to give information to parents who're hosting children (EKH, obviously), and I thought I'd show myself too. Helped around. It was fun, but I was so tired. And the weather! It's absolutely dreadful!

In other news, I lost a lot of my bookmarks, which sucks ass. I knew I should've written them down. Too late now, though. Gah.

Hee hee, DMC3. I wish I had time to play :(
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