mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

So, I'm going to have to do a re-examn for Greek. All the grammar of this year, by tuesday. Taken vocally. *shrugs* We'll see. Study my arse off.

Football about a meter from my head.

Tomorrow we're going to have a picknick, a barbecue and a sleepover. If me 'n the girls aren't sick of each other by then, then I now it's tru wuv. Cute, huh?

I made a cake and it turned out okay. Meanwhile, my sister's going to make a chocolate cake that has two floors. It's...awesome. Ta-da!

(Letter stories has a new member, whafuck! This promotion thing is already working out, har har. Also, wondering if she's gonna post anything good. I do hope so.)
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