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Hm. I've been writing again. Only this time it's *gasp* fanfiction! Of Dorian Gray, that is. I'm afraid it's only a concept and not very good, at that, but it's good to be writing again. If I can scrape up the courage to do it, I want to try writing TA fanfiction. *giggle*

J. cut his hair! I like it. It's cute. He's gonna hit me if I ruffle it, but, ya know. You just háve to. Man, this is awesome. That guy has no life, though. No life.

Hey, G.? You still have my Sandman :(
Also! Letter journal. >:( (heehee, just kidding. Though, if you could find time..?)

The weather has been hell the last few days, but it rained this morning. Bliss.

P.S. Icon! Har har. I am such a three-year-old
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