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The orange kitty died an hour or so ago. We think two of them were playing on the heap of stones we have lying in our garden, and possibly, one of the stones fell of and took Micah with it. Right, bam, on the temple. Died in 30 seconds, tops. Oh, man, and my sister found it. I can still hear her scream. I wish I'd found him, in her stead. She's more..I dunno, vurnerable or some shit like that. But, well, you know. It's hapened.
We buried him, next to our old cat, Japje. J. put a coin between her paws. I thought that was sweet of him. I liked that.
Bowie's still sniffing around the place where it happened, like she's trying to find him.
We moved the stones down. They're not wobbly anymore, now.
It's a bit hard to take, at first, but you rush through the stages of grief, apperently. In this case, of course. Kitty.

So, safe Styx-crossing, I suppose. Say hi to Chiron for me, sweetie.
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