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Ramble at 0.18 am.

Oh I see. The current (alas, the other one lasted so shortly) one only has one colour setting. Thát's why, on the other lj's, foresty nature kinda was so DAMN UGLY. *sighsigh*

Yeah, J., I decided you were right. Look, there goes your ego :( All bloated. (having read a lot of Transmetropolitan today, this brings up all kínds of interesting mental images which I will not describe here.) But it was true. The gray on the other one was the only colour setting I could stand to look at without turning at least partially blind. And the gray was boring. So I put it back to this. Alas.

One week without the internet! Will I survive? I only have houses of leaves, murdering Romans and Spiders from Jerusalem City to keep me company! (And some Ausländers, but, you know. My tongue feels funny from talking German all day. How's that?)

J., our beloved sister has taken to Saiyuki. >:)

Am looking forward to next saturday. Watch the kiddy news, people, because I am going NATIONAL.

(Ha ha, look at the 'z's next to the emoticon. I don't go Zz. Also, Shquiponia has the most amusing reaction to spiders I have ever seen. Oh my, this is going to be abused in many, many ways when we are close to sea and in a TENT.)
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