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Er, I've long since returned, but I've hardly been on the computer. Yeah, it sort of surprised me, too.

since I 1) don't know how to lj-cut things and 2) only have one person friended, I will not bother with lj-cutting this:
My thoughts on tales of symphonia!
Indeed. My brother brought over his gamecube for us to borrow over the christmas break, and we made use of it. Oh, did we ever. Too bad I only found out about this game when I was at my grans a few days ago. Which sucks, because it's a really nice game. Here's hoping we can borrow the gamecube for a little while longer.
Anyway, it's a sort of standard story. World's going down, only one girl can save her, and her idiotic friend comes along with her, because he wants to avenge someone or whatever. We also have the mysterious brooding type. It reminds me a lot of Final fantasy, actually. Especially because the-girl-who'll-save-the-world has Yuna's voice (the English one, mind. Har har.). I mean, really, she does. And I wouldn't be surprised if Lloyd (the guy that swoops with her) had Tidus' voice.

Anyway, so it starts with the cliché'd line of '-person- wake up!', but you wake up to find that you are standing in the back of a classroom, holding...2 buckets of water. yeah, I never figured that one out, either. Anyway, you are the dummy of the class, which is kind of a nice change, I must admit. Throughout the game you'll get comments like 'You didn't know that? Oh, it must be because I pay attention in class', and stuff like that. Nice.

Well, anyway, Colette has to 'regenerate the world!' So she goes on a jouney to prevent that. Lloyd goes along with her after some time, together with his elf-friend Genis. He doesn't look like an elf, though. He can do magic, and is smart, but that's all. His sister (the teacher) is already with Colette, and they hired a mercenary, who I suspect to be Lloyd's father, but I don't know that yet. He is highly suspicious in my eyes, but that can be because he never says a thing. 'Oh dear, he's such a stereotype', I say to my sister. Turns out she doesn't know what that is. And then my mother tries to explain it by using the word 'yup'. You know, young urban person. Turns out she doesn't know that either. I have to wonder, I do think my vocabulary was bigger when I was her age. But then again, you're not gonna find out.

Slightly sidetracked, but we're back again. Anyway, you go on adventures. It's sort of a lame storyline, but the way the game is designed makes it better, and it's so silly sometimes that you can forgive it. When you walk around, you're one of your party's member. You're two times the size of the woods around you, but that changes when you enter a city. Not really speshul. Sometimes characters will talk to each other, and all you have to do is press a button. You'll see nicely drawn pictures of those characters, and the conversation will begin. I've never seen that done before, it's quite amusing.
The graphics are nice, you can avoid monsters if you want to (though they will sometimes run after you and pounce you, but that's another thing), and the characters aren't all plain and stereotyped.
Game approved.

I will now go play it some more.
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