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Is this going to be a whiney journal? Let us hope not.

However, they moved the combined group of 5 and 6 VWO Latin to 5 (us) having latin on the 7th hour on wednesday, instead of the first on tuesday, so that we've got a combined group of 4 and 5 VWO. This because our teacher thought that he didn't give us enough attention during that earlier hour.
Well. During the 7th on wednesday, I have music. So now I have to do that hour on monday, the 7th (when I am usually done after the 6th), with 4 HAVO, if there's theory to be explained.
Effing. Good thing I'm a social bunny, huh? >:(

Failed my French. Hoping I'll do better on the text in 2 weeks.

And lastly, people were weird today. Eh.

Fun things... Well, not fun for them, but..A few of my friends hung up blown up pages of the Zelfmoordkonijntjes (suicide bunnies?) all over school. That's about 80 pages XD They had to take all of them down after an hour, but still. People loved it!

Good things, people?
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