mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Because I'm a huge nerd and combine things I love on a regular basis:

Duke: HAY
Cecily: *flirty eyes* hay
Duke: *waggles eyebrows* What's a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?
Duke: *bubbly background* *drapes self over you*
Cecily: ooooh. *cling*
Duke: *flashes a grin and possibly ravishes*
Cecily: Oh noes! Not in public! *swoon, protest, giggle*
Duke: *swirls around* Are you suuuure~?
Cecily: *:3* Maybe later. *waves hanky*
Duke: *puts hand to heart dramatically* Playing hard to get, are we?
Cecily: Why I never! *blushes in offense* I'm no loose woman.
Duke: *bows* My favourite kind, m'dear.
Duke: ((....I have flashbacks to Importance of being Earnest.))
Cecily: *endearlingly confused* Ah-? The kind of woman I am... or loose women? *big questions mark overhead*
Cecily: ((never seen it! I read a couple of pages of it, though)
Duke: *loops arm around waist* The kind of woman you are, of course. *winku!*
((It's BRILLIANT. I can really recommend it. I love Oscar Wilde.))
Cecily: *is scandalized* Ohhh. You terrible flirt! *allows self to manhandled* ((I <3 Oscar! My friends celeberated his birthday at their Univ. XD))
Duke: Only for you, gorgeous.
((That's so cool! And yeah. He's gréat.))
Cecily: I'm sure that's what you say to all the other girls.
Duke: Darling, there áre no other girls for me.
Cecily: That's not what Cindy told me a couple of nights ago. *fans self and giggles*
Duke: Why, that Cindy! *looks shocked* I knew I shouldn't have offered her that last drink! She can't hold it, you know. *whispers*
Cecily: *more scandal* Oh! What a little tramp! *whispers also*
Duke: Yes, and have you heard about her father? It's absolutely scandalous.
Cecily: Her father? Why no, I haven't. The old bodger hasn't been seen around town for years!
Duke: Indeed he hasn't! According to my dear aunt, Mrs. Novis, he isn't her actual father. *a low whisper* I was shocked! I told her I didn't believe it, but she insisted.
Cecily: *shocked* Not her real father!? *a little too loud perhaps... this is how rumors get started<3* I knew that little tart had some skeletons in her closet.
Duke: Yes. I'm not sure if she actually knows, but I bet she does. Now, do you still believe Cindy spoke the truth about me, my dear?
Cecily: *blush* Well, I suppose not. Can't really trust peopel of that... caliber. Are you an honest man, Duke? Really? *flutters eyelashes*
Duke: My lady, I'm shocked that you're even doubting me at all. I'm of honest breeding, and I've never said a false word in my life.
Cecily: You know a girl has to be careful nowadays. Good parentage isn't a sign of honesty anymore, it seems. Just look at Lord Malcolm.
Duke: *sighs sadly* Yes, I remember him. I can only wish he is happier in Paris, sadly.
Cecily: *pats his arm gently* It's alright, Duke. Don't be so melancholy.
[17:19] mentantie: I remember those jolly days of my youth..we were the best of friends, you know. But now that I have days are brighter and a hole is filled up.
Cecily: *blushblush* Oh Duke! I have to admit it! It's like living with a beast within! I adore you, I am completely enamoured by your person!
Duke: Well, if I have to be a beast, then I would only want you to tame me, my love.
Cecily: *faint, swoon* Oh, Duke! I love you1
Cecily: *!
Duke: Oh, Cecily, you cannot believe how happy that makes me! *ravish*
Cecily: *gasp,squirm* Oh Duke! We musn't! *gives in*
Duke: *waggles eyebrows ON THE INSIDE and decides not to comment*
Cecily: *faints*
Duke: *doesn't worry, and is used to that. Instead, scoops you up and brings you to the private room* *There are smelling salts. Come prepared!*
Cecily: *awakens* Oh! Where are we?
Duke: I thought minutely that it was Heaven, but that was your presence lighting up the room.
Cecily: *almost faints again* Duke, why do you do this to me? I can hardly breathe... *adjusts corset*
Duke: *feels like a studmuffin* I am sorry if I cause you discomfort, my dove. I fear I cannot control my mouth--these words are merely what I am thinking, and you deserve every single one of them. Is your corset bothering you?
Cecily: *fans self* I- no- A little bit. I fear it maybe a little constrictive... Your words are like chocolate, darling. I know shouldn't have more... but I want more! I want you. *smooch~*
Duke: *snogs readily and subtly starts untying the corset, inwardly cursing the things* You're perfect, Cecily.
Cecily: Oh Duke, your words set me on fire! *clutch*
Duke: If it would be so, you would rise from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix.
Cecily: *grabs on tight* Take me Duke, I'm all yours!
Duke: Aaaaaand zoom out, curtain falls, bubbles obscure the view, Fin~

Note that the names got made up on the way. XD
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