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It's a pity little Karl didn't máke some capital instead.
February 2nd, 2006 
03:25 pm(no subject)
Had self-defense for girls in p.e. today. It was cool, even though all we did was talk. It reminded me (not that I needed a reminder) why I'd like to be a psychologist one day. Wouldn't it be great to just...help someone who's been through so much nasty shit, abuse, whatever, and they'll be able to (sort of) go on with their lives? Also, I'm just really interested in the way people work. I also kept thinking 'oh, yeah, I read that there, once'. Most of it was fiction, though. I should read some réal psychology books. The only ones I own are like, 50 years old. And while they're cool, of course they're horribly outdated. And one of them only is a terminology book-thing. Interesting, but not really explaining, or going into, people's minds.

My list is getting longer and longer. The list of books I have to read, I mean. This brings me to an idea. I should just write it down here, so that I don't have to constantly carry around that note and worry if I lose it. So, this I will do. Har har.

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This is growing longer and longer, and I am still not done. I found out about a comic called transmetropolitan yesterday in gomichan livejournal (He has some really interesting things to say, and is also a great artist. Writer and comicker. google metanoia. The comic, not the anti-suicide site. Man, that is weird. 'if you want to kill yourself NOW, read this before you do and you might not want to!' Myeah). I thought, hey, this sounds interesting, and it looked even more interesting when I looked it up. So I would like to read that one, too. I will see if the comic book store has it. That'd be really nice.

And lastly, it's my mothers birthday! Which brings pie, and people, and my adorable little neices, and balloons, and an excuse to not do my homework (well, I didn't have any, but still) and just overall goodness. Yey. And books that I can read, because my mom likes to read. I don't want to read the Marianne Fredrikssons (or however that chick's name is spelled), but the ripley's are pretty nice. And she got like, 5 book tickets, so there will be more books soonly. I will stop writing now, and cuddle my neice. Oh, so cute.
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