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It's a pity little Karl didn't máke some capital instead.
February 21st, 2006 
07:26 pm(no subject)
Well, er, this is for all you anonymous commenters. How's that for a fix, eh?

Anyway. Sunday. I had fun! Because I went to Brokeback mountain. (the way I'm writing at the moment makes me feel like the Italian chick I stayed with in Rome. Dear gods.) Anyway. It was fun. I think the script writer must've had a hell of a job making the movie last 135 minutes, though. The short story was, well, short. A lot of nature shots, long silent periods. But they manage to pull it off. I like watching little details when I actually have time for it.
There were reviewers on the internet that said they cried because it was so sad. I mean, sure, it was sád, but not that sad. I didn't have to cry, and I'm the weepy kind, though I do not like to admit it. But. Nice movie.

Hum. What else did I do.. Oh! I borrowed Jorik my copy of Good Omens. Corrupting! I kept squeeing and pointing out my favourite passages. Well. That went on for a while.

Greek tomorrow! Ack, I have to go study for that, after I print something. Am hoping we will get a word-thing. so I don't have to suffer from thát, at least.

And now I am kicked off the computer. Ta, people.
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