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It's a pity little Karl didn't máke some capital instead.
August 22nd, 2006 
05:15 pm(no subject)
Yes. I know.

Anyway, I got my schedule today. It's not too bad, considering the amount of courses I'm taking. Monday's strange (free-lesson-free-lesson and then free-lesson for philosophy, which is not official, but I'm taking it anyway), but the rest of the days are quite..straightforward. Full. Well, not much one can do about this things, is there?

I found a book with Anansi stories in the library! How cool is that? Very nice.

I wonder what school will be like. Today was nice, seeing my friends again (J.-- don't mention it, heh). Covered Y.'s books, because, oh dear, she sucks at that.

This could probably have been more interesting, but it is not.

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