August 8th, 2011


(no subject)

I'm stuck in that time between shopping and dinner and I've been writing people today. Sudden nostalgia at my journal. I do check my flist, every day, I just don't really use the journal itself anymore. Which is a shame, I suppose.

Things have been hectic. In February, talkjive came to visit me, and I've been proud to call her my girlfriend ever since. I visited her once where she lives in Florida, and she visited me just last week. Anyone who's got me on facebook might've seen the pictures :)

I finished my second year of university last month, not with the grades I wanted, not nearly, but at least I got 'em all in one go. I've decided to at least pursue a master's degree in antiquity, if not a career-- it's the one thing I can truly keep doing and am interested in outside of my courses too.

I started up working for the catering place again, and dropped that this week because of a regime change that cost me E3/hour before taxes and took away travel expense compensation. It was a massive disappointment, considering I had wanted to save up.

I was also concerned with getting a room for studying abroad for a long, long time-- that only got resolved 3 or so weeks ago. I got a room in a 2-person apartment, which will cost me more than I wanted but it's better than sleeping under a bridge. I got an Erasmus grant, anyway, so I can use that money for rent. I'm leaving for Lund, Sweden in 5 days, and introduction at the uni will start the 16th. Right now I'm pretty anxious about it because I had gotten such an easy, comfortable rhythm living in Utrecht, but a change will do me good. If anything, I'm excited to learn the language.

I've sort of fallen out of fandom actively, though I still read stuff for several fandoms and like to watch a lot of tv shows (stupid summer breaks amirite). I'd like to get back into them, but I have a feeling I'll be plenty busy soon.

so that's been me. What up with y'all?