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Ah, another week of school gone by. A friend of mine changed profiles, so she's now in my class during geograhpy and economy too. Ohoho, economy. You kick my ass so hard it hurts.

In other words, banana phone. It is driving me and my friends crazy and it hurts. I cry for me.

Someone I know apparently found out she likes girls too, so she's coming to the COC on wednesday, too. Alongn with someone she knows. I knew I wasn't the only one. I kick you in the face, people! I win.

Well, my week wasn't interesting. I babysat. Am babysitting. Went to the COC. Didn't have choir, because my teacher broke her leg. Got hit by a car on ski vacation. Er. Yeah, that was it. Maybe I'm going over to my brother's tomorrow.
Oh yeah, a teacher of mine borrowed me the first three parts of diskworld. Which is cool, because 1) I couldn't get those, because the library didn't have it, and 2) he didn't strike me as the fantasy-type person. He's old, cranky, and well, you'd have to know him to understand. I think. Everyone has a teacher like that. (Geerte, it's bloody Mellema. Can you imagine?)

That was all, I believe. I am off to fix myself tea and read. A lot. And babysit, I suppose.
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