mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

MONTHS IT HAS BEEN but that's just because my life is so bloody interesting ♥

So. This weekend, I was gone, but my school had this open day going on. Tiny children coming to see if they want to go to our school. As such, every subject has a classroom, including Greek/Latin. It was, apparently, boring, or so my friend said. She brought her sister over, her mom introduced herself to our teacher 'I'm C's mother, howdoyoudo' and C was talking to her dad. Our teacher turns around and goes 'Hello, I teach Greek and Latin from the 4th class on, which school are you on?' (Imagine the 'little girl' and the leer here and you'll get a good impression of what he's like)

She blinked and said, 'Hello, I'm C. and I've been in your class for half a year, 7 hours a week.'

Yeah :/ we need to get this guy out.
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