mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

So. Head on over to this mildly defunct Christian spiritual warfare site (, and bold the things on it that you happen to have. Strike out if you don't have it

Occult games (I Ching, ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal ball, fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons)

Ashes from fire pits, including fireplaces and wood stoves Well, we've got a fireplace. And I don't think it's been cleaned in a while :/

Robes and detachable hoods Yes! Ahahah.

Gongs, drums and bells

Wooden stand for an altar, a marble slab or crossesYou know, I'm sure my dad's got something like that lying around.

Chalice, goblet, cruet One of my awards for judo is a goblet! I'm counting that.

Phallus (sculpture of the male sex organ) Ew what

Heavy wooden staff, sword, knives Yes! A sword! From China/France! And 2 letter openers shaped like daggers :<

Small velvet pillow, scarlet in color</s>Look, these people know more about the occult than I do. Possibly, this is an unhealthy obsession for them.

Bullwhip, cat o'nine tails, ligatures Uh no. Kinky. But no.

Mirror Haha what idiots :< There is a huge mirror over the piano behind me alone. Come on.

Animal mask, possibly papier mache Unless my parents are more obsessive about collecting my youthful escapades into art-land, no.

Black satin or velvet glove for the right hand My sister has white ones :O

Large ruby ring, worn on the first finger of the right hand

Flash powder, smoke bombs So, like, what does flash powder do? Does it go POOF and then you're disappeared? Because if so, I want some.

Incense Bucketloads of the stuff.

Body paint, face paint Not even the edible kind :< Unless makeup counts! In which case I have a tiny bit.

Metal crown with four candle holders Is that an actual literal crown? Because again. I want one. Candles on your head would be cool.

Ferns, palms I don't know what a fern is and I'm not looking it up. Fucking plantlife.

Human or animal bones (especially skull, long bones, finger bones) Ew, dude. We've got cats buried in our backyard, but.


Ritual books, black books, diaries (such as the Book of Shadows, which may be handwritten) As Matt said: DOES A LIVEJOURNAL COUNT? :D

Medallions with satanic symbols God I'm boring.

Occult jewelry Does 'irish and handforged' count as occult? It has, like, swirlies.

Small animals in cages Our dog is tiny. And she goes into a cage at night.

Graph paper for fantasy games GRAPH PAPER FOR MATHS? D:

Oddly shaped dice Look, odd is relative.

Horror masks and costumes

Crystals They're purty.

Small metal figurines of mythological nature I should, though.

Posters of mythological beings, animals, half-animals Matt: It does.

Nightmarish posters

Sexual, particularly sado-masochistic, posters

Posters of heavy metal and punk rock stars *cracks up*

Paraphernalia related to the martial arts - such as ninja costumes and throwing stars. Swooooooord.

Heh. Yuuko would have them all, probably. Also, this is totally non-offensive. I am just being a geek and bored.
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