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book lurve

I went to the library with my sister. convinced her to just borrow Good Omens (when I get it back. Geerte, will you be needing it for your english thing? No pressure or anything, just curious). Also, when browsing through the shelves, I saw Anansi boys. Ohoho, you cannot believe how fast I got that while cackling with glee. I also put in an order for House of Leaves at some bookstore. I still have a gift-thing, 15 euro's, so that's all right. Only have to pay 2,50 myself. Hey, it's a big book.

Also, I have a cold >:( And my father stopped smoking. Which makes him cranky as hell. Which makes me cranky in return, since he has a tendency to take it out on me. But hey, he's quitting, which is really good. He's had cancer once, no good in having it again, right?

....why would anyone want to put in 'boiler 100 liter' as a subject of their post? Baffled, I stand.
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