mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

meme time in between studying-- (comments are screened ♥)

01. When and why did we first start talking?
02. What was your first impression of me?
03. Have I disappointed you a lot since then?
04. Have I ever made you happy by saying/doing something?
05. Is there anything you think I should do more often/better?
06. Is there anything you think I should do less often?
07. Do you think I'm: A bad person? A good person? A somewhere-in-between person?
08. Would there ever be the slightest chance of you and I developing a relationship?
09. If we're only online friends, do you think we'll ever meet?
10. Would you visit me if I was deathly ill, or at least take care of my pets/plants?
11. If I told you something odd about me, like a mental/physical handicap, would you think I was weird and stop talking to me?
12. If you could get me anything for Christmas, what would it be?
13. Will you repost this on your journal for me to fill out?

Hey I kinda wanna pick up a new pup MAKE ME NOT DO IT--
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