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Translated from the Dutch original by 'Karel' (pseudonym), in Expreszo magazine. I completely agree with everything this guy says/implies, which is why I'm sharing with the world (aka my flist).

"Apparently I've always missed something in my life. But that hole will soon be filled. Soon enough, we gays can start enjoying Out-TV immensely. No, not a channel where prof footballers, Moroccans and Supermarket-personnel will be outed 24 hours a day, but a serious channel for target group of gays, who have such great purchasing power. For you and for me.

Because what we want is a special channel for ourselves. We want 8-o'clock-news with just gay-news. We want to be able to watch porn only at night. We want a special Song festival-analysis with experts. We want American series that were broadcast years ago and the dvd-boxes have been gathering dust in our closets ever since. We want even more fashion shows. We want a live report of the Gay Games. We want commercials that only show us expensive cars, facial cremes and escort services. We want slow shows with important Dutch queers. We want live coming-outs of unknown people.

We've been searching for these programmes for years. For years we didn't know what to watch when we turned on our tvs. We only watched the News, bad soap operas, Big Brother and CallTV 'because there wasn't anything else on!'

Commercials were lost in channel surfing because there were too many commercials for laundry detergents, because there were hardly any gay couples that were going to cook together, because they never displayed the really important things like gay condoms, gay drinks and gay films.

And now, finally, after all these years a hole in my life will be filled up. Finally I'll be exquisitely happy and I'll know what I cn do after a night out in a gay club, after my gay dancing classes, between listening to Madonna or before I go to visit my gay friends.

A channel that will please all gays, regardless of age, race or education. A channel that will make all the other channels redundant. A channel that will offer me exactly what I want and that I'll find nowhere else. That will enable me to finally stop surfing the web for porn. That will offer me more insight to the song festival. That will finally forget the latest news in Iraq, unless there are gays being hung. That will let me know time and time again I'm feeling unsafe. That will just emphasise that a big part of the gay community have a stereotype image of themselves.

The last thing I needed to be perfectly happy. I am so totally looking forward to this."

And on that cheerful note, I'm leaving for Germany! See you all the 18th, people ♥

EDIT: the article is full of sarcasm. Just noting because some people missed it. I could go on and on about my views on this, but I'd bore both you and myself, so.
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