mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Some of the things I have to learn for my midterms:

Latin, about 300 lines of text we've translated at school. I have to be able to recognise all sorts of fun grammatical things. Latin is not, obviously, my passion. But sometimes Seneca's style of writing does appeal to me: short lines, nice metaphores, accusing in a way that doesn't make it seem offensive (like Socrates, but I've got nothing but love for the man, because of the way he amuses me.)

Seneca—De Clementia 1.25.1-5 line 1-6

Cruelty is an evil that is most inhumane and unworthy of such a kind mind; beastly is the insane lust to enjoy blood and wounds and, after having forgotten about the human, to blend into a wild animal. Because what does it matter, I ask you, Alexander, whether you throw Lysimachus in front of a lion, or if you rip him apart with your own teeth?
Yours is that beak, yours is that savageness. Oh, how you wish those claws were yours instead, that that beak, able to devour humans, was yours!

--I mean, come on, that's poetry right there, people. I'm glad not everything is boring to translate.

(Maths and English went well, as far as I'm able to judge.)
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