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Stolen from the Tsuman, who does everything a Tsuman can!
(I'm in this community, so it's set on +autorock)



Clockwise Town is a multi-fandom RP based in a city built around an enormous clock tower. For different reasons, Clockwise exists in a place beyond all dimensions and yet connects to all of them via dimensional portals. People come and go all the time; some of them become trapped there against their will, while others come and use it for their own purpose.

It is up to you and only you what will happen tomorrow.

- No application process. Simply create a character journal and post, and you're in the game. Do anything you want. Your character's storyline is up to you.

- Your character has access to their original world. They are free to come and go whenever they see fit, and even bring people and objects back and forth, thus allowing you to play out the original storyline with or without alterations and have your delicious crack AU at the same time.

- You are still free to trap the fuck out of them. If you feel trapping your character in the town is more fun, you're free to do that. We promise that this choice is also bound to provide hilarious fun through various sources.

- Multiple versions of one character allowed. Your favorite character is already taken and you'd like to play them anyway? Go ahead. The multiverse is endless and there are bound to be alternate versions of the same universe. Go ahead and play your favorite character anyway. And then break their mind when they encounter their AU counterpart.

- Regular community-wise events. There will be regular events and storylines run by mods to spice up the interaction, based on various video games, movies, books and whatever else. You are also free to start your own events whenever you feel like doing so.

- Growing and changing environment. Clockwise is a young town. It regularly develops new locations and loses new ones as various events happen. You can even make your own area either by having your character occupy one of the building or offering it to the mods for addition. Go ahead. We are extremely freeform and like our players being creative.

- No previous Nexus experience required. Clockwise Town is a young community and while various players and characters come from other Nexus communities, you are neither required to nor punished for using them. No backstory knowledge is required as we'll be building a new one with this community.

- DELICIOUS CAKE! The cake is not a lie. I swear.

The cake might be a lie, though :/

I'll tell about Barcelona later when I get my arse in gear and put the pictures on my computer.
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