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Finally, eh?

I suppose so, then. I have been corrupted and could not resist the temptation. Also, my teenaged heart cried out to share its misery with the world. Okay, perhaps that last part isn't really true. It's kind of awkward, this. I was never actually good at writing a diary or something. Tried a few times. Didn't work. Two whole entries in one year! Did so again this year, but under pressure. And for an actual grade, when I was in Rome. Keeping a diary for two whole weeks. I managed for about 3 whole days and finished the rest in the week of vacation that followed after the exchange programme. Oh, I see. Babbling is the key, isn't it? Right. Babbling, I can do. It's come to the point that I actually started crying during a broadcasting of a programme on MTV (yeah, so hit me. Daytime television, you know. It's bad here, too. It was that, or a childrens's programme about learning English. Honestly)about same-sex marriage. I mean. Truly. I wasn't aware that I was so far gone, really. I mean, sure, to some extent, I suppose it affects me. But then again, same-sex marriage has long since been legalised where I live, and also, well, I get little shit about my sexuality (gods, that sounds stupid. Try saying it out loud. Yeah, see? Silly.), so what am I whining about? Must be that I just think it's unfair. And then I start crying, which pisses me off, and boy, am I happy I was alone in the room. Anyway, I'm not going to rant about same-sex marriage and how much it sucks to not be accepted for who you are, and blah blah, because 1) I'm sure I'll do it again and 2) you are thrown to death with such rants already. Well. Going to look around to see if I can make my newfound journal look shiny. Or at least shinier than this. I don't even líke purple.
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