mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

RP-ing Meme! Because really, I have nothing better to do.

Part 1: Statistics.

1a) Do you roleplay at all?
. . .

1b) If your answer is no, have you ever thought about it before?
You're kind of bad at thinking up questions huh :(

2) How long have you been roleplaying?
About a year and a half, I'd say? More if you count the self-insert rp'ing I did with my ex on msn... and I really really don't.

3) What types of roleplaying have you been in before?
I guess I'd count the msn stuff for that! And then.. all of it on lj. I did one D&D session, and that's it.

4) How many roleplays are you currently involved in?
Two I guess :o

Part 2: Your characters and you.

1) Name the characters you roleplay (past or present, doesn't matter).

2) What do you think made you choose those characters?
Tsu once pointed out to me that I'm good at mysterious characters. Basically this means I'm good at talking nonsense, but whatever. I do guess there's a bit of a trend here, though, so it's all cool. Basically, when I think 'wow that's such a cool thing to do', they're on my list.

3) Which of this is more true of you, choosing characters because you can relate to them or they're not the same as you?
Neither, really!

4) Do you make your own userpics for these characters?
I've done so for Spider and Dorian, but only because there weren't any icons. And I did that on like... the cropping thing at lj.

5) This is a rather redundant question, but how worried are you about your characterization?
Kind of too much, I'm guessing :'D I'm not always worried, but sometimes fear just strikes. Especially when someone who knows the canon well is watching.

6) Which muses of yours are the most active?
Yuuko and Franziska, I'd have to say. Just... count the journals.

7) BRPS. Are you worried that you might turn up there?
Basically the same as I said in 5; sometimes I see people haet stuff in brps that makes me go 'I-I might have done that', so who knows. But I don't read it, anyway.

8) Have you ever seen yourself in rp_secrets?
I don't read rp_secrets, and I doubt I'm so internetfamous that I'd turn up there. Besides, they're secrets.

Part 3: Games.

1) What attracts you to a particular game?
A cool setting, activity, and good players.

2) What type of game(s) are you involved in right now?
Multiversal Nexus (dear_multiverse) and a Multiversal thing based off Utena (this because some people would classify jardin_du_ciel as a school rp but really it's not. The school setting provides the lulz, most of the plot comes out of the duels and the memory-thing.)

3) In general, how active are the games you're in?
Jardin's just starting up, so it's to expected that it's not that busy yet. d_m is slowly getting less active, but it used to be AMAZINGLY ACTIVE so it's still.. not too bad.

4) How about your relationships with the other muns?
I've made some amazing friends through rp'ing, really truly amazing, so I'd say pretty good. If anyone hates me, I haven't heard it yet.

So I'm doing pretty damn great in school. Just a few more weeks and I'm done with all the monotony, fuck yeah.
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