mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

too tired to actually summarise and shit

[22:34] The Mattybee: SO HOW'S THINGS
[22:34] Mentantie: things is faboo
[22:35] Mentantie: for serious though the people are so sweeeet <3 and the kids have already taken a liking to me, which is lucky, although matteo is really naughty but that's alright since he's like 4 they can do that.
[22:35] The Mattybee: Naughty how?
[22:35] Mentantie: and I've got my own room and bathroom and the house is biiiig and they've got a garden and I've already met half the family--- naughty as in.............. i don't know the way 4-year-olds are naughty.
[22:35] Mentantie: but cute
[22:36] Mentantie: anyway you know big italian family 6 siblings blah blah I'm happy
[22:36] Mentantie: content
[22:36] The Mattybee: <333
[22:36] Mentantie: OKay so at dinner
[22:36] Mentantie: (they are religious like all italians are)
[22:36] Mentantie: marco was like 'mom, did jesus create mosquitos and spiders as well?'
[22:36] The Mattybee: AHAHAHAHA
[22:36] Mentantie: mom: *....knows where this is going* ...yes
[22:37] Mentantie: matteo: then why do you hate them and kill them?
[22:37] Mentantie: Mom: .................................*noms pasta*
[22:37] The Mattybee: ........AHAHHAHAHA
[22:37] Mentantie: it was a wise decision of her
[22:37] Mentantie: also donchalove 10.000 people villages
[22:38] Mentantie: everyone knows everyone it's so cuuuute

moar l8r
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