mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

The judges are still out on whether I like Emanuela. I like that she's honest, almost dreadfully so, even about herself (she said today that she knows that she's very lucky to be married at all, since she feels that she has a bit of an unlikeable character. How wise it is to say that to the au pair who's been there for a week is a different matter). She's strict in a way only people who didn't go through very much have, amazingly, annoyingly clean and very composed. I myself am in that state where you don't feel like you really belong yet, but you're not just a guest. I don't know when to do what, though I do my best, but it's very tiring to be on your toes all the time. That, and trying to understand what everyone around you is saying. It causes me to learn quickly, but it also causes me to feel very out of place and like I'm a bit of a burden. Let's hope I'll grow out of that soon.

we had a talk about how I thought things were going, which I appreciated, but I would've liked to know how shé thought Í was doing. Guess that's for another time.

The thing is, these people are generous and attentive, still, so I have no cause for complaint.

anyway, so I booked my first flight a few days ago~ I'm so proud. H-huzzah for spending money!
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