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Had self-defense for girls in p.e. today. It was cool, even though all we did was talk. It reminded me (not that I needed a reminder) why I'd like to be a psychologist one day. Wouldn't it be great to someone who's been through so much nasty shit, abuse, whatever, and they'll be able to (sort of) go on with their lives? Also, I'm just really interested in the way people work. I also kept thinking 'oh, yeah, I read that there, once'. Most of it was fiction, though. I should read some réal psychology books. The only ones I own are like, 50 years old. And while they're cool, of course they're horribly outdated. And one of them only is a terminology book-thing. Interesting, but not really explaining, or going into, people's minds.

My list is getting longer and longer. The list of books I have to read, I mean. This brings me to an idea. I should just write it down here, so that I don't have to constantly carry around that note and worry if I lose it. So, this I will do. Har har.

Discworld no. 1 (first three parts, all in one! The one I borrowed from my maths teacher)

Sons and Lovers (about three quarters through that one, until I got sidetracked)

Mathilda (In french. I read it in Dutch, but I borrowed a few french books from a (french) friend of mine. That one should prove interesting)

Brave new world (In dutch, which makes my brother tsk at me, but we only have it in Dutch, and that's quite alright with me. I have a creeping suspicion this one is going to be one I'm going to read twice, anyway)

A clockwork orange

House of leaves (The one I bought, yah? Only then in Dutch. it's bloody hard in Dutch, I'm not even trýing to read it in English.)

Ripley's game (only 50 pages to go! I bring this one to school with me, which is why it's taking so long to read a book that only has, what, 200 pages? I dunno.)

Wheel of time (this is one a friend recommended. He's absolutly bonkers about it, so I thought, well, what's the harm, eh?)

Interview with the vampire (I know, I know. But I started it like, 2 years ago, and I feel guilty for not finishing it.)

My name is Lestat (or something, this is literally translated from Dutch. It's supposed to be better, anyway.)

Shakespeare collections (I have one in English and Dutch, though the English one has more plays in it. The Dutch one might come in handy, though; Shakespeare isn't exactly light reading, y'know. But I do like it. Also, I want to especially read Titus Andronicus again. Oh, the gore *grins*)

A few of the Harry Potter books. Actually, all of them but the first two and the fourth. It's sorta stupid that I don't remember anything from the last few. So yeah.

De Tweeling (I dunno, is this one originally german or dutch, or what? Anyway, the film was lovely, so I'd like to read the book, too.)

Pride and Prejudice (Bought this one for like, 3.50. Yey.)

Canterbury tales (Oh, tragedy, I had this one but it was the original text. That is, really old English. It was cool, but incomprehensible. I plan on buying a more..modern version, though. Actually, all the books listed here are going to be bought. EVENTUALLY. I have too few. I will need a whole book-thing, though. The, er, English doesn't come to me at the moment.)

De Wereld van Sophie (World of Sophie; a philosophical book about a girl who learns about philosophy through notes and stuff. I tried to borrow it, but school wouldn't give it to me (had to stay in the library), and the library in town didn't have copies anymore. Other people stole my bookstuffs >:( )

Good Omens (I already read this one, but I love it to little demonic pieces, so I will read it again! Yay! I convinced my sister of reading it, too. Did I already mention this? Too lazy to look it up.)

Practically everything else by Neil Gaiman, but since I have about 4 of his books, I suppose I'll say anansi boys here. I don't have that one. I have got, however, Good Omens, American gods, the one with all the stories in it, and the one about the guy going into underground london. I am bad with names. Anyway, Anansi boys, yay. I knów I mentioned that one.

The sandman, also by Neil Gaiman. I'll have to buy this one. Not that I mind.

The two other Ripley books my mother got today. I steal them!

Don Camillo. I just remembered this one, because I mentioned the vampire things. We have all of them, so that's alright.

Sybil (the woman with the 16 personalities. My mom thinks we might have it, but I don't think we do.)

Count of monte cristo (This is so cool, we own ancient copies of this. I can't find the year of publication, but they smell like, well, old books, which is great, and it's in three parts. Also leather bound, and almost-falling-apart. So I might want to borrow it from the library anyway, but still. Whoo.

This is growing longer and longer, and I am still not done. I found out about a comic called transmetropolitan yesterday in gomichan livejournal (He has some really interesting things to say, and is also a great artist. Writer and comicker. google metanoia. The comic, not the anti-suicide site. Man, that is weird. 'if you want to kill yourself NOW, read this before you do and you might not want to!' Myeah). I thought, hey, this sounds interesting, and it looked even more interesting when I looked it up. So I would like to read that one, too. I will see if the comic book store has it. That'd be really nice.

And lastly, it's my mothers birthday! Which brings pie, and people, and my adorable little neices, and balloons, and an excuse to not do my homework (well, I didn't have any, but still) and just overall goodness. Yey. And books that I can read, because my mom likes to read. I don't want to read the Marianne Fredrikssons (or however that chick's name is spelled), but the ripley's are pretty nice. And she got like, 5 book tickets, so there will be more books soonly. I will stop writing now, and cuddle my neice. Oh, so cute.
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