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oh hello flist long time no see

Um in the meantime I went home for 2 weeks, came back, caught the flu, did about over 9000 boring things and oh yeah emanuela (my boss) is pregnant! Ta-dah.

meme tiems from rica:

Comment to this post and I will give you about 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

► Languages
I love languages, I'm passionate about them. Seeing a discussion or an interesting tidbit about whichever language will never fail to distract me; it delights me to play around with them. I went to a language sort-of-contest, once, at the university of leiden. You got a couple of excersises, most on terribly obscure languages, and you had to answer them using your knowledge of how languages work. I sucked at it, since it involved logic (the kind that you use in maths durrgh), but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd like to study a language at uni, but the fact that your options after studying are so limited keeps me back. I'll probably end up doing courses.
► Books
Since being here (almost 6 months) I've read more than I did in the roughly 3 years before. I love reading, if a book interests me enough I'll spend every moment I can catch reading it. On the other hand, I my attention span isn't optimal, so if a book isn't interesting enough I'll abandon it halfway through. I've always read a lot, I was one of those kids who spent their free saturday sitting against the central heating system curled up with a book. I prefer writers like Gaiman or Palahniuk.
► Cultural differences
Like languages, these interest me infinitely. Even though North-Italy isn't that different from Holland, it's interesting to see the small differences. A lot of the stereotypes are true, though they get truer the more south you go. They're hard to deal with when you live with them for 10 months, though, but again, it's a very interesting and educative experience. Apart from seeing my friends in the US, I'm most interested in seeing what the cultural differences between holland (and europe in general, I guess?? I don't like to say us/europe since every country is different, though I guess this also goes for the US XD) and the US are. I think experiences like what I'm doing atm can really make you appreciate your own culture, and improve on the things you don't like.
► Philosophy and/or religion
Once I get into the swing of things I like philosophy. Sadly, the last two years of high school I díd do philosophy, but it was at the same time as my Greek lessons, and I couldn't afford to miss Greek. So most of what I know I sort of make up. Still, I like reading philosophical... things. As long as I have the time and energy for it.
Religion is just as interesting, though if you ask some it's just a form of philosophy, of course. The thing is that I am probably the worst agnost ever. I'm pretty passive in these kind of things; I like to hear about them from others, but don't think about them in relation to myself so much. I used to, for a while, and I read some books on religion. But mostly I think religion is a very personal thing, and so much plays into it that I always keep a respectufl distance.
► Rp.
Technically, I started rp'ing around my 13th year, I guess. It wasn't exactly rp, it was really more self-insert with 4 other self-inserts (LOTR gives you so many options, doesn't it). After that I started on MSN, doing REALLY BAD logs with my then girlfriend. Then in the summer of my 15th year I stumbled upon lj rp, woke up one morning going 'I could totally play Spider from Anansi Boys' (my then-obsession, have re-read last month and I could still totally play him fyi), and started on sages. Since then I've played in several comms, and I met some amazing people through rp. Some people really changed me, and taught me a lot about myself, and how to improve on myself. I've grown up a lot in these 3 years, I'd like to think, and I think my rp friends have had a definite hand in this. Some of them are also the reason I'm going to the US, so.

OHGOD TL;DR sorry guys~
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