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Well, that was an amusing test. I was in 7th. I never knew I was so baad! Also, sodomites go to the 7th level, so thát's right, at least.

I bought the first volume of sandman! Ohoho, it is so neat and shiny and LOVE. I finished it in one go. I also ordered the first two volumes of postmetropolitan. The guy was 'wow, that's old, er, let's see, oh! I can ORDER it for you'. And when I left, he said 'see you, boy. Oh wait, you're a girl. We're not used to girls coming here, har har, sorry'. That was amusing. I will be coming back there. It is such a pretty shop.

Is it honestly too much to ask not go get all worked up about a joke? And then to NOT start burning things like, I don't know, well, stupid people? By the way, I would like to state that I normally don't read de telegraaf, heh.

(isn't my new icon too cute? Aw, Zan.)
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