mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Explain your usernames~

mennybeads | When I was but a young Lieke, I was into all kinds of stuff. Like LOTR. And translating my name to Elvish. I was really young okay?! Anyway, what came out was Mentantie, which is also my aim sn explained, and the nickname for that was 'menny'. I just needed to find something to tack onto that because idk and since my brother was into doing art using beads, in some way or another, and we had one of his pieces hanging in our room... IT'S THE LAMEST USERNAME EVER OKAY and I kinda wanna change it but

child_of_demons | Souji calls himself a child of demons a LOT, jeebus. Technically, it's 'ogres', but the translation I was reading at the time said 'demons', so that's what I went for.

gar_demokratia | Uh, this just means 'for democracy'. I would've used another word for 'for', but it was too long and I'm just hoping no Greeks go THAT'S WRÓNG, LIEKE, OH MY GAWD. Also, it's GAR, and she is.

naoto_rennt | Means 'naoto runs', which is the very first character trait that you will note and find endearing. It's a play on the movie 'Lola rennt', which is about Lola running places!

poetntheinside | Lamest username ever, but all the others with correct spelling were taken. Ray says this at one point-- That's me, that's my thing. On the inside, I'm a poet. Outside - shake bad guy, shake. Which is cute ♥ And it's true, in a way!

I think that's about it for journals I'm using right now, unless you wanna see others explained.

MY EXAMS WENT WELL you can all breathe safely now, guise~~~~ I think I did well, at least. I felt reasonably good about it both times. I guess we'll have to wait and see!
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