mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Hahaha I still have this journal I swear. I check my flist every day but nothing is happening to me apart from Stress and School. I'll try, though!

In a couple of days my week off will start, but I have to turn in assignments for Contemporary History on Tuesday so lol you can see where my free time'll be going. And I want to work ahead so that I can host Smittchen in June /flips university. World History is weirdly set up in that the grade will be defined by 3 written assignments. They'll give out 3 assingments at 3 different days in the course on wednesday 14.00, then you have to turn it in on friday 14.00 tops. So all of them are 33% of the grade, and there's no test. There's no assignments to make during the courses either, which is weird but--- nice! Esp. considering I won't have to remember 8 week's worth of shit for an exam. Idk what the book's like yet, though, I have to pick it up at my friend's place in a couple of days. The amount of reading for contemporary history is crazy and it has assignments that need to be turned in every week and I did not like the tone of the reader at ALL. Let's hope my teacher this time will be less of a tightass prick :|

I keep hearing Bowie in my room but i have no idea where she is. Cat, come out :(

anyway, to the new people on my flist, welcome /o Now I am going to be correcting my paper for premodern, which, surprisingly, was a lot less bad than that e-mail from my teacher made me think haha.
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