mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Think I did pretty well on my exam. The room viewing was nice, but I think I was too young for the people who were living there, so I didn't get it. 's okay, I got a new one on the... 27th. I got a headache on the way to my exam, though, and it hasn't gone away even now. I sorta fucked up my last question on the scientific revolution because of that, but whatever, I did fine on the first 3. Got a 7 for the first test, and I probably have a passing grade on the paper, so we'll see. I probably passed modern as well, so with a little luck I'm completely through with those courses /o/

None of this made any sense, did it.

Anyway, this means I have a week of no classes 8) I'm taking the weekend completely off. Tonight's my brother's birthday, so we're doing that. Idk yet about the weekend. I'm gonna cycle as much as possible, at least an hour a day. Gotta punt myself to do so. Weather's shit today, but whatever, I pumped my walkman full of new music. After the weekend I need to start reading again auggh. But whatever, weekend comes first.
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