mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

I don't think i was even remotely tipsy enough to have made out with that chick, after 2 sips of beer and... a coke. But I did. And it was nice even though she was completely the opposite of my type and it was very much an impulse. esp. considering she's straight and she'd never kissed a girl before.

But I feel bad for bringing the tally from 1 to 3 in the span of a week, esp. after 4 years of it being 1.

I should go to bed. But all these new ~*impressions*~ uwah uwah otoh... I really like making out with chicks, so what's the big deal! She's not in any of my classes so even if I felt awkward about it (and I don't, really, I was being very butch and casual about it yeah +2 cool points for me) or she did we don't have to see each other regularly.

I don't know I'm not used to girls wanting to make out with me! Girls! With me!

I guess it's also a matter of... should it mean more to me? Should she have? Is it normal to be okay with that kind of no-strings-attached stuff? Because I think I am, even if I'm slightly worried about what people/my friends will say. But then again, fuck people. She didn't care. I shouldn't.

Well that was gorgeously tmi, I'm gonna sleep it's 3 am.
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