mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

I was taking a half-hour nap because thinking of reading a 40-page article was making me despair. I set the clock for 15.47, but at 15.44 my housemate bursts in all HEY WOULD Y-- saw me in bed and went 'oh my gosh I'm so sorry I thought you were studying and I thought you and V. were so sad and busy that I brought you a cup of tea and a cookie w-would you like some tea and a cookie!'

That's okay, sweetie! So now I have rooibos-caramel tea (nice smelling hmm) and a chocolate cookie and I am ready to READ THIS ARTICLE yeahh

Tonight I dreamt that me and zero_rei and my dad lived in a very 80s dark-glass apartment in Chicago and derivatizing came to visit us but we kept loosing her and she was only there for a day and she was tired so we hardly saw her... I think I was in a taxi to see her when my alarm woke me.

It sounds like I sleep a lot, but I don't. I really don't.
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