mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Questions from artillie!

1. If you weren't a history major, what would you be doing right now?
Probably Italian-- that is, if I hadn't also gone to Italy after high school. In hindsight, maybe I would've picked Language and Cultural Studies-- you can basically end up majoring in history, but you also study a language on the side and some other stuff. I didn't know it existed back when I started uni, though, so that's another 'if'. Maybe I would've studied a language of a country whose history I'm also interested in. Hm.

2. What's your favorite food? (inb4 potatoes ha ha ha)
Ha ha. I like pasta a lot! I ate it like twice a day (i exaggerate slightly) for almost a year and I never got sick of it. There's this pasta oven dish with Swiss cheese and vegetables that I told you about... Delicious, I could eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner. For about a week, then I'd be sick of it.

3. What's the nearest object you can reach out and touch, other than your computer-related stuff?
A paper on 'The Republic of the United Netherlands in war with France (1650-1750)' by Olaf van Nimwegen (how cool is his name!). If that doesn't count, a box of hair clips.

4. You're going to have an epic meetup with your internet bros, and you get to pick the place. Where will it be?
On the one hand, Utrecht, because I wanna show them the city I live in now. I really love it here! But on the other, I wanna see new places, too! So it would probably be somewhere in the US, because I miss it. Maybe somewhere in Italy, because I like showing off to people that I know Italian. Maybe Rome, even though that's not a new place, but it makes me happy in my pants.

5. Pen or pencil?
Pen, unless it's a pencil that remains forever sharp. I have tiny, bad handwriting and even a slightly stump pencil will make it illegible.

If you want questions reply here, but I'm kinda bad at making them up so don't expect anything good.
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