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Myeah, I know, I should be ashamed of myself. Er. I promised I'd post a drabble, didn't I? Okay, well, To start off the day on a cheerful note:

“All human things are subject to decay.”
“Oh really. Aren’t we just mister cheerful today.” Sonny hung up his coat and sat down at the kitchen table, looking at Cain, who was lying on the ground.
“Shaddup and give me the gin.”
“You can’t drink when you’re lying down. C’mon, up we go.” Sonny hauled him up by the arms and sat him down on the chair in front of him.
“No, I mean it. I mean. Look at me. I must look terrible.”
“Oh, you really do. But, well, that’s why I’m here, right?”
Cain looked away. “I don’t know how much you can do, really..”
“What happened?” Sonny’s smile faded from his face.
“Nothing. Something decayed, that’s all.”

Ain't he lovely, people? The prompt was 'all human things are subject to decay'. Written in about 3 minutes, I believe. Next one!

“This one is mine.”
Cain looked up in surprise from where he was browsing through the shelves of a supermarket.
“Er. Okay. If you say so?”
“Look, I’m not messin’ with ya. This one is mine.”
Cain tried to smile apologetically, but failed miserably. “You can have it, lady. I didn’t want it, anyway.”
“Oh. Okay.” She walked away, looking confused, and not taking the object of her desires with her.
Cain just shook his head. He was glad he wasn’t the only crazy in the neighbourhood.

I'm just randomnly picking out drabbles here.

He didn’t always have time for wallowing in self-pity, he thought.
Well, turned out that was wrong. He was in the middle of a huge job, when something struck him down and he had been sitting on his couch for 12 hours straight. Maybe Sonny would come over soon. But then again, he didn’t always have time for his crazy friend.
Lilian opened the door to his apartment. “Cain?”
Oh, good, the person he’d least want to see. He murmured something, so he could at elast say he greeted her.
“Oh, there you are! Ha ha, silly thing, what’re you doing on the couch? Aren’t you supposed to be killing people or something?”
“Lilian, please go away.”
He sighed. Better give her her way, so she’d leave. “Wallowing. An art that should at least be done alone.”
“Nah, I’ll wallow with you. Want something to drink?”
“No. Do you want some arsenic?”
She smiled. “You know you love me.” She ruffled his hair and walked away.

Aaand the last one for today, kids.

“On the road again, yeah!”
Cain sighed and looked at Lilian with just a hint of annoyance in his eyes.
“Look. You can just…drop me here, okay? I’ll wálk back. Crazy woman.”
“Ohoho, you’d like that, wouldn’t you.” Lilian beeped his nose and continued to drive. “Lilian, please drop me here. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind, I’m just being a burden.”
“My dear, you are néver a burden. And you need the therapy-drive.”
Cain frowned. “There is no thing as a therapy-drive, Lilian. Believe me. I’ve looked it up.”
Lilian keeped smiling. This was her permanent expression, Cain liked to claim.
“Cain, just sit back and enjoy this. You might even forget.”

My lovely brother, why don't you get an lj yourself? That would be so much more amusing than this one-sided relationship we're having here. And, by the way, that Azrael guy is amusing. Though don't you dare try that Kancho thing, my dear.

EDIT: I updated my effing deviantart. It's been bloody ten months, here. Linky!: . Yes. I know Deviantart is corrupt. But it's not like they're gonna use my art and publish it without my saying they can, okay?
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