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Dost thou not applaud my choice?

So my dad got this special offer from thep place where we rent our videos, because it was his birthday. 5 movies for 5 euro's. My mother handed me this dvd, and on it, it said in big letters "NERO". Naturally, this was declared my spoils of war. The war being the searching for movies. Dear gods. Anyway, I thought, what the hell, grabbed Alexander and went on. Then, then my eye caught sight of Titus. After that, it was all I could do to not throw a hissyfit whenever someone came near my babies. So, I watched Titus today, while the rellies were playing cards.
My, my. It started, and I looked upon the television screen in shock: Could it be true? Had my eyesight forsaken me once again? But no, it was indeed a young boy playing with action figures in a modernly furnished kitchen.
I must admit my surprise at this. However, after a while, it became clear that this was a modern remake; sort of. The people wore all sorts of modern fabrics, clothes, rode cars, etc. But no matter: as I turned the volume up, I discovered they talked in perfect Shakespearian!
Okay, I'll cut the crap now, I can't do this for too long. Inferior being that I am. Anyway, it turned out to be something like the Romeo and Juliet thing with Leonardo DiCaprio: modern settings (sort of; Rome was modernisized, much like several of the buildings Mussolini had built in his day), but true to the play. It took some getting used to, but was pleasing after a while.
Absolutely adored Lavinia; annoying at first, tortured (ah, that one should be obvious), then (when her torturers are at her whim) cruel. I love the little smile that was on her face when she brought forth the basin to catch the poor boys' blood. I suggest you see it, if you have any interest at all in Shakespeare. It's a nice change from that God-forsaken Romeo and Juliet.

The bit with the spoon at the end was a bit much, perhaps. That made me cringe.

Er. I have new things! Including lovely lacey fingerless gloves and the collected works of Oscar Wilde. Also, Orlando. And pants, and shirts.
The tea at that coffee place is absolutely horrible. Perhaps I should take to carrying my own tea around, if they start giving me tea that actually tástes yellow. Gah. Done blogging, now, I think.
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