mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Nero sucked ass. Totally. The camerawork was hideous. I mean, shaky and stupid and dumb. And the acting was just...well, not too good. And then they fucked up history, too. I especially hated them for screwing over Seneca's death. That's such a famous story (well. With the people I know, anyway. Er, never mind.), and though it's not really all that important for the story, it's interesting. And they made Nero look traumatised, not insane. How silly of them. Hate for you people!

Anywho, went to Leiden. That was a lot of fun. Camille and Stan make me laugh my head off.

They did tell me I was rather crude about 10 times, though.

Well, it was interesting. Leiden seems a bit too posh for my tastes, but nice enough.
Mom booked an appartment. It is extremely nice, but also rather expensive. And it's close to Vatican city. Niiiiice.
Er. I don't have much to say anymore, except for: eeh, we're eating burrito's! It's my birthday!
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