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Oh my. My mother told me the daughter of a friend of ours' jumped out of a driving car, hit her head and all. She was hospitalized, and then at night she had several epilepsy attacks. And why? Because she wanted to see her boyfriend for an hour longer.
It is just so...weird. She used to be súch a nice girl, really sweet. I was good friends with her when our families met up. She asked a while ago if her mother wanted to take the drugs from some guy who would be coming by their house (hasj), because she'd be at school. Threw a hissy fit when her mother wouldn't. I mean, what? I just can't imagine things like that happening.
Things like this make me want to study psychology, but eh. I'm rooting for history now. Or Classic History. *swoon*
ordered tickets for the Elf Fantasy Fair! Eeh! I'm looking forward to it. But, well, all I have are the shoes and a walking stick. Will have to buy a lot. But it will be so worth it. I think I could be brought to wear those clothes to school, too, if they are awesome enough. *swoon*
Also, my sister's birthday is today! Yay for her!
Going now. Famileez.
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