mennybeads (mennybeads) wrote,

Third entry and still only one person knows of this...thing. Heh.

I went to see GoF again today. Friend of mine hadn't seen it yet, and I figured, meh, 's not gonna hurt. Anyway. I spent too much money today. Turned out the...thing I got for Sinterklaas wasn't 15 but 10 euro's, so I had to pay more. 9 euro's lost there (indeed, 19 euro's for two tickets. Isn't that insane? It is, innit?), and then candy, and then drinks. Not that I'm bitter or something, it's my own fault, just stating this. To, well, no one, I guess.

Oh, this skipping a line thing is real tricky, livejournal. You will pay for this.
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