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The Rock
You scored 16 constructivenes, 6 selflessness, 11 loyalty, and -4 supportiveness!

giving, and loyal, with a healthy dash of tough love -- you are The
Rock. Your friends smell what you're cooking, and it's fucking
delicious. You listen to them, you carefully weigh what they tell you,
you offer honest, blunt, constructive advice to make any situation
better, you help them when called upon, and you'd stick with them
through rain, sleet, snow, or the apocalypse.

The only problem here is that you may get a little smug sometimes,
and some people just won't like you. They'll feel like you're judging
them. But it's mostly balanced when you smile that inscrutable smile
and ask, "Can I help?" And then -- here's the really good part -- you
usually do help. Even if your friends don't always like the
medicine, it usually works, and you'll be there hugging them when the
fighting's all over.

That's why they love you. Keep on rocking, and avoid the urge to judge.

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The Death Star

All Talk

The Wolverine


The Time Bomb

The Backstabber

The Force of Nature

Blind Faith

Great Expectations

The False Friend

The Realist

The Blowhard


The Politician

The Rock


My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 61% on constructivenes
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You scored higher than 40% on selflessness
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You scored higher than 53% on loyalty
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You scored higher than 61% on supportiveness
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So. Look, I'm sorry, but I really have been terribly busy and haven't had time to update. Honestly. But, in the meantime, I've had Spring Ball (dance!). Which was really a lot of fun, even though a friend of mine was really, really drunk, and I almost fainted, zomg. But it was fun. I could breath in the top I was wearing, my feet didn't hurt at the end of the evening, the music (the band, at least, not the dj) was fantastic, and I was with my friends. It was nice. But the drinks were so effing expensive.
In any case, the day after, when I woke up at 2 (this came from coming home at 2, people, give me a break), I went into town with my sister, which was nice. I bought a tie/shawl thing. It is so awesome. Today I bought the chain for the watch, so all I need is a hat, and perhaps (though I do not harbour any hopes) dress shoes. Har har, I win.
You know which movie sucks? The Time Machine. Die die die. Awesome plot, weak characterisation (or however this is spelled. There was just no...character development. It went like this: happy, sad, zomgsad, confuse!sad, rescuehero, loveydovey. I mean. Bad), and stupid sets. Dialogue argh. Though I did like the beginning, because they had nice clothes.
The movie after that one was nice, though. The British one about people escaping from prison. Even though I had my doubts at the end of the guy staying in prison because of the chick, it also felt like a parody, so thát was okay.
There. Satisfied? Now I have to learn about 2 pages of Greek words, which sucks ass.
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